Favourite Traditional Recipes of Ghana

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As with much of African history, Ghanaian recipes were not recorded in writing but were passed down from mother to daughter in the oral tradition. This rich and diverse cuisine thus remained largely unknown in the wider world for many years.
Fortunately for adventurous cooks everywhere, this deficiency is now being addressed by experts like Dinah Naa Ameley Ayensu who has, in this book, gathered together a cornucopia of favourite traditional recipes for everyone to enjoy.
Ghanaian cooking is relatively simple but the results are always delicious and rewarding. Although there are regional variations, main dishes are mostly organised around a starch staple food – such as corn, cassava, plantain, cocoyam or sweet potatoes – served with a soup or a stew or a spicy sauce to provide the protein needed for a balanced meal. With increasing globalisation, rice has also become a popular staple resulting in the creation of many tasty and nutritious dishes. Herbs and spices are used carefully, with bay leaf, garlic and ginger being especially favoured.
In this book you will find something to suit every palate, including rich and nourishing soups such as Chicken Peanut Butter Soup, exclusively Ghanaian and everyone’s favourite for Sunday meals. You will also want to try Forowee, the versatile vegetable gravy that will turn any meat or fish dish into an instant gourmet treat. You will learn how to cook the hot and spicy Beef Kyinkyinga kebabs sold on street corners as well as Kelewele, the fried ripe plantains which you will also find on street vendors’ trays.
Expand your culinary horizons and enjoy this unique cuisine!

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May 01, 2016
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