Talent Rules

de Ram Charan (Auteur), Dominic Barton (Auteur), Dennis Carey (Auteur)
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Building on their provocative HBR articles and new research into top companies around the world, three leading lights in leadership, talent and strategy make the case for why the CEO needs to take charge of their company’s talent agenda—and provide a 7-point plan for reimagining and leading a people-first company.

  • Provides a call to action for CEOs to rethink how their companies deploy talent
  • Describes a monumental shift in how leading companies are managing talent
  • Offers a framework of 7 overarching changes the CEO needs to drive and how to do it
  • Based on interviews with over 60 leaders—CEOs, CHROs, Chief Transformation Officers, and CFOs—who are at the leading edge of linking talent to value creation; as well as decades of experience helping top leaders transform their companies
  • Elevates the role of HR, with a framework for how companies, led by the CEO, can redefine and reinvent this critical function in a technology-enabled, data-driven competitive environment.
  • Builds on the HBR article by Ram Charan, “It’s Time to Split HR,” that reignited and redefined the debate about how to “fix” HR, as well as the follow-up HBR article, “People Before Strategy,” by Ram Charan, Dominic Barton, and Dennis Carey, that put forth a new “contract” between the CEO and CHRO. The book extends these ideas to how the organization needs to reimagine their entire approach to talent—led by the CEO.


  • CEOs and their teams
  • CHROs and their teams
  • Managers and executives who aspire to the C-suite
  • Anyone in the organization responsible for acquiring, managing, and deploying talent
  • Consultants in talent, leadership and organization development, and HR; executive coaches
  • Exec Ed and MBA programs
  • Academics and thought leaders in the areas of HR and talent

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Announced first printing: 50,000
Laydown goal: 10,000

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6 mars 2018
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