Child Abuse Pocket Atlas, Volume 2

by Randell Alexander (Author), Angelo Giardino (Author), Debra Esernio-Jenssen (Author), Jonathan Thackeray (Author), Joyce A. Adams (Author), Suzanne P. Starling (Author), David L. Chadwick (Author), Rich Kaplan (Author)
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212 pages, 445 images, 11 contributors

Sexual abuse of children is an especially delicate matter, and each reported case should be treated with exacting care. Accurate identification and appropriate response to symptoms of sexual maltreatment in children is essential to the resilient, long-term recovery of survivors. Therefore, it is incumbent upon those professionals who care for and represent the interests of survivors to recognize cases of childhood sexual abuse and to respond expediently, in the survivors? best interest.

Child Abuse Pocket Atlas Series, Volume 2: Sexual Abuse, the second addition to an ongoing series on child abuse, will support medical practitioners and other affiliated sexual assault response providers in identifying and interpreting the physical signs and symptoms of sexual abuse in children.

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March 15, 2016
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