Honoring the Mystery

by Zdravko Stefanovic (Author)
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With impassioned feeling and succinct insight, Zdravko Stefanovic guides his reader's hearts to a deeper and truer place, while simultaneously lifting their minds to experience a higher plane of consciousness. He writes with such wisdom and grace, gently contemplating the mysteries of life, then tenderly soothing the brokenness of loneliness and heartbreak. Everything that Stefanovic writes are messages we have searched for, messages we have longed to hear, messages to be pressed to our souls and cherished. He opens the door to the heart, and invites everyone in. Once there, we feel connected to each other and to our shared quest to make sense of this life. We feel connected, and we feel inspired to take the inquiry to the next level. A luminous collection of poems and affirmations that both comfort and awaken. A wonderful book to read and share with others.

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Publication Date
June 30, 2017
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