Being Accountable

by Danica Denise Genova (Author)
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For people who want a journal to track multiple items such as health, diet, exercise, as well as mental states, moods, and habits.

Most journal books only log diet and exercise. This book fills a void where one can go inwards for 12 weeks and evaluate their mind, body, and soul.

Students of metaphysics can also note their Tarot card of the day and reflect on the day's events in reference to the card drawn.

What you will be able to accomplish with this workbook after 12 weeks:

• Accountability for what your body is taking in daily, good and bad.

• Tracking diet and exercise for 12 weeks.

• Breaking bad habits.

• Changing your life and developing new healthy habits.

• Learning about your sleep patterns and how it affects your health.

• Tracking how much time you spend doing things you love.

• Seeing how much you give back to others, the Earth, etc.

• Self-analysis by reflecting on how you could have handled a situation or issue better.

• Keep a Tarot journal to learn the cards by drawing a Tarot card a day and using your intuition in your impressions of the card.

Danica Denise Genova is a retired hairdresser and salon owner, currently practicing astrology and the Tarot. With a desire to make life changes and combine metaphysical practices, she developed this book. Having tried multiple self-help journals, the focus is always on diet and exercise, with no place to observe and evaluate what is happening on the inside, emotionally. Seeing a correlation in her life, she noted that those mental states might be preventing successful change to occur in our lives. Investing just 12 weeks of daily journaling illuminates all areas of our lives and allows us to make the necessary adjustments to create a balance of mind, body, and soul.

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August 11, 2017
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