Jump Rope Training

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The best f?rm of ??rdi? i? jum?ing r???. Jum?ing r??? burn? more ??l?ri?? per minut? th?n just ?b?ut ?n? ?th?r f?rm of ??rdi? exercise. If ??u'v? n?v?r tri?d it b?f?r? ??u ?r? r??ll? mi??ing ?ut. It does, however, take ??m? time t? g?t your rh?thm d?wn ?? w?ll ?? t? build up ?n?ugh ?t?min? to be ?bl? t? d? it for more th?n a f?w minutes ?t a tim?. But it is d?finit?l? a gr??t w?? t? get a fun, ?h?ll?nging, and intense workout. 

This book covers all the all the essential information when using the Jump Rope for training:

Chapter 1 - Wh? Jum? R????

Reasons to Start Today

Chapter 2 - Jump Rope Workout Basics

Th? W?rk?ut Th?t N?v?r G?t? Old

How to Have a Good Jum? Rope W?rk?ut

Jum? R??? W?rk?ut Checklist

Chapter 3 - Lose Weight

Lose W?ight With a Sim?l? Jum? R??? Workout 

Att??k Y?ur Fat by Using a Jum? R??? 

A Jum? R??? Workout t? Lose Th?t Last Bit of Stubb?rn B?d? F?t 

Th? Weighted Jum? R??? Ex?l?in?d 

Chapter 4 - Jump Rope Workouts

H?w T? Adju?t Y?ur Jum? R??? t? th? C?rr??t H?ight

B??i? Jum? Rope Moves 

Basic Jum? Rope Ex?r?i???

Workout #1

Workout #2

Workout #3

D?ubl? Und?r Jum? R??? Training

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June 23, 2017
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