Shanie June Jumped Over the Moon

by Wand Dana (Author), Tinling Molly (Illustrator)
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Written by Oregon resident Dana Wand using a rhyming text, it chalenges readers anticipate what the ending word of the next line could be and keeps them interested. They learn to recognize like-sounding word endings, and words that fit the sentence by description of the action taking place. Shanie June is lyrical and can even be sung.

Children today often rely on electronic media to entertain them.  Reading is fun when colorful pictures on the pages help to tell the story.  Molly Tinling is a Northwest Author living in Vancouver, Washington who engagingly illustrates the book to show how much fun Shanie June has as she walks out the door each day to play.

Shanie June is a can-do girl with a mind for adventure.  She jumps into fun wherever she goes, espectially in the enchating world of make believe.  With each jump over the moon, excitemeeforent awaits Shanie June.

Miss Shanie June jumps over the moon and lands in a car, drives to the beach, finds herself to be a queen, lands on a pony, swings high as a tree, and celebrates imagination over and over again.  She finds a multitude of treasures in the hollow of a tree, and accompanies Santa to the North Pole where she is treated to hot cocoa, and the chance to make angels in the snow.  All these adventures occur before returning back home in time for dinner.

The reader is asked where he/she would land if if they could jump over the moon, and what would they find there?


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May 19, 2016
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