The Elf Archive - Book Two of The Magi Charter

The Elf Archive - Book Two of The Magi Charter

de Jordan David (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

The Elf Archive:
It has been nearly five years since Noel Night became head of the new Historical department of the North Pole. The summer solstice brings the start of the Reindeer Games, in which Noel and Spices will be teaming up to compete in one of the events. Santa Nicolas has decided to plunge into the dating game in hopes of finding a Mrs. Claus, with adventurous results. Mistletoe Green continues to plot and interfere from behind the scenes, but for what purpose is still not clear... The North Pole complex is as ancient as its mysteries, some of which are coming to light. Noel will need to solve the secret of a lost library as well as his own human past in order to thwart those who do not wish the elves to regain too much freedom...

About the series:
For over two thousand years the legend of Santa Claus has endured. His is a mission of peace as outlined in the Magi Charter, given to the first Santa by the Child. From humble beginnings following that First Christmas the Santa lineage has been passed down through the ages. This historical sci/fi adventure tells the story of those Santas from the founding of the North Pole and the origin of the ancient elves, to our modern times where the world's problems effect even those in the secluded complex of the North, and concluding in the distant future which finds Santa and the elves committed to their mission on a galactic scale where Christmas traditions are barely recognizable. In every era those committed to the Mission must find a way to deliver that which is needed most to those most deserving.

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30 avril 2012
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