Achieving sustainable cultivation of rice Volume 2

by Prof. Takuji Sasaki (Editor)
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Dr D. S. Gaydon (Collaborator), V. K. Singh (Collaborator), Prof. Bijay Singh (Collaborator), Buddheswar Maji (Collaborator), Dr Sukanta K. Sarangi (Collaborator), Eli Vered (Collaborator), A. Surendran (Collaborator), A. Tariq (Collaborator), K. Vanitha (Collaborator), A. Kowsalya (Collaborator), V. Meenakshi (Collaborator), D. Selvakumar (Collaborator), M. Kokila (Collaborator), Dr T Pathasarathi (Collaborator), Matty Demont (Collaborator), Martin Gummert (Collaborator), Bjoern Ole Sander (Collaborator), James Quilty (Collaborator), Carilto Balingbing (Collaborator), Dr Nguyen Van Hung (Collaborator), David Nanfumba (Collaborator), Komlan A. Ablede (Collaborator), Geophrey J. Kajiru (Collaborator), Idriss Baggie (Collaborator), Elie R. Gasore (Collaborator), Fanny L. Mabone (Collaborator), Oladele S. Bakare (Collaborator), Illiassou Maïga Mossi (Collaborator), Nianankoro Kamissoko (Collaborator), Raymond Rabeson (Collaborator), Keita Sékou (Collaborator), Wilson Dogbe (Collaborator), Ralph K. Bam (Collaborator), Famara Jaiteh (Collaborator), Belay A. Bayuh (Collaborator), Henri Gbakatchetche (Collaborator), Moundibaye D. Allarangaye (Collaborator), Delphine Mapiemfu Lamare (Collaborator), Ibrahim Bassoro (Collaborator), Zacharie Segda (Collaborator), Cyriaque Akakpo (Collaborator), Elke Vandamme (Collaborator), Kalimuthu Senthilkumar (Collaborator), Atsuko Tanaka (Collaborator), Amakoe Delali Alognon (Collaborator), Kokou Ahouanton (Collaborator), Abibou Niang (Collaborator), Jean-Martial Johnson (Collaborator), Pepijn van Oort (Collaborator), Ibnou Dieng (Collaborator), Dr Kazuki Saito (Collaborator), Prof. Norman Uphoff (Collaborator), Dr Wyn Ellis (Collaborator), Dr Thais Freitas (Collaborator), Dr Buyung A. R. Hadi (Collaborator), Professor Michael J. Stout (Collaborator), Dr Francis E. Nwilene (Collaborator), Prof. E. A. Heinrichs (Collaborator), Maura Calliera (Collaborator), Prof. Ettore Capri (Collaborator), Dr F. G. Horgan (Collaborator), A. M. Stuart (Collaborator), G. R. Singleton (Collaborator), N. T. My Phung (Collaborator), L. Mulungu (Collaborator), J. Jacob (Collaborator), N. M. Htwe (Collaborator), B. Douangboupha (Collaborator), Dr P. R. Brown (Collaborator), Gulshan Mahajan (Collaborator), Simerjeet Kaur (Collaborator), Dr Bhagirath Singh Chauhan (Collaborator)
Publication date
May 22, 2017
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