Chief Crisis Officer

by James F. Haggerty (Author)

An organization’s crisis response involves public communications response: ensuring the general public, media, employees and other stakeholders understand (1) what has happened, and (2) what you are doing about it. Crisis events tend to ripple and echo long after the initial drama, as today’s plant explosion is tomorrow’s government investigation and next week’s class action lawsuit. In this environment a fumbled ineffective response can mean the different between a crisis that is managed…and one that manages you.

Chief Crisis Officer: Running Point in the Face of Unexpected Events explains why every company and organization needs to identify a Chief Crisis Officer, who will take the lead in preparing the organization for crisis communications response, and responding effectively when the inevitable crisis hits. Using a mixture of real life examples, strategies, and tactics, the book will break down various forms of crises into their component parts and provide both a strategic approach and the proper tools to enable the Chief Crisis Officer to assemble his or her team, and respond—effectively and efficiently—when the crisis occurs.

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June 01, 2017
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