The Chalice of Jupiter

by Lynne North (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

The Roman city of Veradum.

Amidst the ruins and dangers that await you, you are seeking the priceless Chalice of Jupiter; but many others have tried to find this precious treasure before you. Indeed, many have died trying. You begin your quest with little to help you, but if you make your choices with care you might be the lucky one. You will face many strong adversaries, determined to end your quest almost before it begins. You need to roll your dice well to ensure you embark on your quest with as much Vigour, Agility and Psi as possible. During your adventure, you will need every bit of all three to achieve your goal, believe me. Will you find the Chalice of Jupiter when so many before you have failed? Indeed, will you even survive? Are you brave enough to embark on this quest? Decide now, because once you begin there will be no turning back ...

The Crimson Cloak Quests are clever role-playing games devised by Crimson Cloak author Lynne North. Great for all the family, the quests can be undertaken alone or against one or more other players.  Just roll the dice to see what your next move will be.

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July 04, 2017
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