ROMAN EMPIRE The Final Days of Marcus Aurelius

by K.C. Squire (Author)
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ROME. Inspired by true events and the facts as we know them, The Final Days of Marcus Aurelius is the dramatic story of one of Rome’s great emperors and philosophers—a seamless blend of fact and fiction that explores the great emperor’s life, philosophy, battles, and the drama of his final days and hours.

K.C. Squire has long been inspired by ancient history and presents the culmination of his life in powerfully epic fashion.

The Eternal City.

A sacred city of myth, legend, war and conquest, and the home of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, the last of the “Good Emperors”.

Through Squire's deft and dramatic prose emerges a picture that makes these seemingly long-ago myths of this great emperor and philosopher breathe true and real. 

Relive his final days.

*Although part of The Eternal City Series, the books are standalone and may be read in any order. These books are inspired by true events and as true to historical facts as possible; as a result, these books are most appropriate for those 18 years old and older. K.C. Squire fashions these legends and facts into a novelistic arc that begins just days before Marcus Aurelius's death, and culminates with his death. Or does it?

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April 26, 2017
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