The Command of Melchizedek

by Daniel Oyegun (Author)
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The Command of Melchizedek dwells upon often overlooked verses of scripture and the deep spiritual import of these prophetic writings from a theological and deep-thinking perspective; it expands on the person of Melchizedek and the attendant order and command which followed the ascension of Jesus into heaven, which order states, “Let all the Angels of God worship him,” and also “Worship Him, all you gods.” It reaches into the mind of Moses when he wrote Genesis, opening with these words from the Torah, “Beresiyt Bara Elohim,” meaning “In the beginning, Gods created…” and not “God created” as we know it. It lights up in our hearts the truth of the creator making Adam and Eve, male and female, expressly in their own image and likeness, after the Father and the Mother.

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April 24, 2017
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