Audelia's Adventures: Book 2

by Rosemary Janney (Author)
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More Wild Adventures of Audelia Yates

It’s dangerous living on the edge of the Old Spanish settlement of Nacogdoches in East Texas. But danger doesn’t stop a determined teenage girl from going where she shouldn’t or helping Indian refugees. With all the men in the family out with the Texas militia fighting wild Comanche Indians, the women in Audelia’s family must decide what to do with two Cherokee Indians hiding in their settlement.

Go back in time to 1841 and experience more thrilling adventures with Audelia as she struggles with new family relationships, the flirtations of a young man who wants her heart, and the hardships of living in a new land where Indians, bears and wildcats still roam the East Texas woods. Audelia’s strength and courage will truly be tested in this action-packed sequel to Audelia’s Adventures: Going to Texas.

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April 12, 2017
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