You at Work: How to Be Effective with a Bad Boss

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Ineffective managers sap motivation and kill productivity. So what do you do if you’ve got a manager who’s incompetent, passive, controlling, or all of the above? It can be tough to find straightforward, relevant, and actionable advice. The You at Work: How to Be Effective with a Bad Boss article collection will help you by outlining specific situations and offering concise step-by-step advice on how to work effectively with a not-so-great boss. What’s included: (1) a curated collection of nine articles from with practical advice on a variety of situations, including how to spot a bad manager during a job interview, how to work with a micromanager, and how to motivate yourself when your manager doesn’t; and (2) three tools to help you navigate difficult conversations with your boss, whether you’re bringing up a potential problem or providing feedback around a troubling situation.

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9 de diciembre de 2016
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