Body on Baker Street

by Vicki Delany (Author)
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  • COMMERCIAL COZY: Cozy readers flock to book-themed series, as evidenced by the strong sales of authors like Miranda James and Kate Carlisle. This hook--a Sherlock Holmes-themed bookstore--is sure to entice these readers.

  • STRONG PUBLISHING SCHEDULE: The first book in this series, Elementary, She Read, is scheduled for March 2017, and has already earned positive reviews from all the trades. With only 6 months between books, cozy readers hungry for the next installment won’t have to wait long.

  • SATISFYING SHERLOCKANIA: Fans of Sherlock Holmes will delight in the many allusions to the canon, from the bookshop at 222 Baker Street, to the shop cat Moriarty, to the sleuthing duo of Gemma Doyle and Jayne Wilson, the perfect homage to Holmes and Watson who are sure to appeal to female readers.

  • PRO AUTHOR: Between her Year-Round Christmas mystery series and her Lighthouse Library mystery series (writing as Eva Gates), Vicki Delany is a nationally bestselling cozy author who has proven herself as a master of the genre. She is also a big Sherlock fan and has read every story in the canon.

  • Book details

    Publication date
    September 12, 2017