The Nuts: Keep Rolling!

The Nuts: Keep Rolling!

de Eric Litwin (Auteur), Scott Magoon (Illustrateur)

Hazel Nut and Wally's Nut's playtime roll down a muddy hill turns into a hilarious chase when they get covered in so much muck that they get bigger... and bigger... until they're big as ELEPHANTS! Can anyone help get the Nuts back down to size? Eric Litwin offers an upbeat and inspiring message: What do you do when you roll into trouble? Keep rolling!

In the third book of the Nuts series, Eric Litwin's playful call-and-response rhymes and Scott Magoon's hilarious illustrations invite readers young and old to join in on the fun. Readers can go to The to learn the Keep Rolling song and dance along with Eric!

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Date de publication
18 avril 2017
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40,5 Mo