Planning a Purposeful Life

by Jeannette Bajalia (Author)
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If you knew you had more time left, perhaps decades, you’d be faced with a decision: continue living day to day, or look for more – a greater purpose for which to use those remaining years. Why not learn the secrets of longevity from someone who’s been there, like: - Lucille Ellson, a 99-year-old teacher who has dedicated her life to helping the visually impaired community and who is working to finish her husband’s book. - Hon. Gerald Tjoflat, an 87-year-old federal appeals court judge who is still very active in his legal career and dedicates his out-of-the-office time to charity. - Saxophonist Gilbert Schuler, who has performed alongside Stevie Wonder and, at 93, continues to charm residents and staff with show tunes at his retirement community. While the phenomenon of increased longevity is hardly limited to the Greatest Generation, they lay claim to the highest number of “oldest old” in recorded history. From ballerinas to bomber pilots, the vigor and spunk of those who grew up in the Roaring 20s, came of age during the Great Depression, and faced down Nazis in World War II shine in “Planning a Purposeful Life.”

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March 22, 2017
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