by B.B. Wurge (Author)
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“What child hasn’t wondered what it would be like to magically transform into a favorite animal? Squiggle, another great read from Wurge, takes us on such an adventure and will encourage children to use their imaginations, while teaching valuable life lessons.”—Jo Gilmour, teacher and children’s book reviewer, Brooklyn Elementary School, Wisconsin

Praise for Billy and the Birdfrogs:

Billy survives by the sheer weight of its own insane internal logic. . . . There’s definitely an element of Dahl’s fondness for weirdness in this pup. . . . For those funny-book junkies out there, Billy fulfills a need. Downright weird, and that’s a-okay with me, it’s worth a gander.”—School Library Journal

“Mystery, suspense, and conflict build a plot of nonstop adventure. . . . Superb character development . . . clever illustrations, delightful humor, a marvelous story . . . with an appeal for all ages. Entertaining, downright funny, and highly imaginative. A great read.”—Midwest Book Review

When her soul becomes lodged in a stuffed-toy monkey, nine-year-old Lobelia embarks on an outrageous series of New York and Paris adventures, helped by an odd but kindly scientist, before becoming a girl again and being reunited with her family at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

B.B. Wurge began writing children’s books after leaving his first career as an orangutan in a primate house. He says, “I’ve been told the world is crazy. That may be true, but children can navigate successfully through our crazy world if they stick to fundamental principles: loyalty to family and friends, compassion, and an open imagination.” Wurge lives in an elevator in Manhattan.

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October 01, 2009
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