Ghost Stalker

by K. D. O'Connell (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Victoria Bosworth is a young woman of 18 growing up in Boston, Mass, in 1890. Victoria wants to one day be a doctor like her father and heal the sick. But, she is murdered by her suitor and he is killed an hour later while trying to escape the scene of the crime.

Victoria and her suitor are ghosts. There are two kinds of ghosts: one is connected to an object in life they cherished and the other is connected to a person who touches them upon their death. What does a ghost do? They try and keep their sanity and this is all about Victoria and her un-life and what she had to endure to survive and have an impact on the living. She struggles to find a reason to exist and continue to find a way to move on and escape her suitor who is after her to finally end her existence.

Victoria befriends both the living and the dead, she will discover that love and friendship will mean more then survival and she will sacrifice all to ensure her family and friends will never feel the heartache of being a ghost with unfulfilled ambitions.

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Publication date
March 13, 2017
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