Stylish Wraps Sewing Book

by Yoshiko Tsukiori (Author)
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This DIY sewing book presents a fabulous new collection of lightweight wraps that are easy to sew and look fantastic!

Stylish Wraps Sewing Book provides five free printable patterns that can be used to create 22 timeless wraps to keep the chill off—and look great in the process. All the sewing designs can be made in a few hours for a fraction of what you would pay in a store. And it is easy to mix and match different fabrics and styles to suit your wardrobe and mood.

Here are just a few of the pieces you can make with this book:

  • casual-to-dressy hooded cape
  • flowing draped jacket or vest
  • loose-and-light linen or wool coat
  • simple, feminine, lightweight poncho
  • ruffled bolero or classic blazer
  • quilted coat or vest
  • faux fur collar or stole
  • And many more!
The versatility of the sewing patterns makes it easy to adapt any of the designs to suit your personal style. The patterns are easily adjusted for size, and the soft loose lines work for any figure. Whether your tastes run to ultra-feminine or ultra-classic, this great home-sewing book has something for you!

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August 01, 2017
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