Periplus Pocket Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

de Lee,Philip Yungkin (Autor)
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This handy Mandarin dictionary allows you to look up words quickly and easily—and be understood while speaking.

The Periplus Pocket Mandarin Chinese Dictionary is a pocket-sized dictionary designed for travelers, business people and beginning Chinese language students. It contains all the most common Chinese vocabulary you will need. This new edition has been extensively revised and expanded to include over 12,000 entries.

A reference guide to the essentials of Chinese grammar and pronunciation are provided to ensure you will be understood when speaking.

Features of this Chinese dictionary include:

  • Complete English-Chinese and Chinese-English sections
  • Headwords are printed in bold for easy reference
  • Alternate meanings of the same word (in English or Chinese) are clearly distinguished
  • Includes the latest IT, mobile phone, Internet and social media terminology

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29 de agosto de 2017
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