Basic Mandarin Chinese - Speaking & Listening Practice Book

de Cornelius C. Kubler (Auteur), Yang Wang (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

This comprehensive Mandarin workbook can be used with any textbook or on its own to dramatically enhance your Mandarin speaking and listening skills.

No matter what textbook you're using to learn Mandarin, it requires a lot of practice. Here is a wealth of effective activities and drills—plus over 16 hours of audio recordings—to help you improve your spoken Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively.

This book follows the Basic Mandarin Chinese—Speaking & Listening textbook but works equally well with other coursebooks or on its own. The free downloads contain hours of audio recording as well as printable PDF files providing hundreds of pages of extra practice exercises and activities.

Basic Mandarin Chinese—Speaking & Listening Practice Book includes hundreds of carefully designed activities to help you with every aspect of your speaking skills, including:

  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Vocabulary and Grammar summaries
  • Substitution drills
  • Transformation and Response drills
  • Role Playing and Listening Comprehension
  • Dictation exercises
  • Translation exercises
The accompanying disc contains:
  • 16 hours of audio recordings by native Mandarin speakers
  • Printable practice pages
  • Printable exercises and activities
About the Basic Mandarin Chinese series:
Respected Chinese language educator Dr. Cornelius Kubler has taught Mandarin Chinese to diplomats, business people and students for several decades—using an effective learning system with two separate but integrated "tracks" to help you learn the spoken and written forms of the language more efficiently and more successfully. The materials in this series have been acclaimed as a breakthrough in Mandarin Chinese language learning.

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7 novembre 2017
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