The Macaw Muttered

by Rachael Rawlings (Author)
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What does an uptight scientist, a freewheeling veterinarian, a pirate wanna be, and a massive parrot have in common? 

When Hemingway, the Green Wing Macaw that is her father’s best friend and constant companion, shows up on her doorstep, Genevieve wants nothing more than to return him. He’s messy, loud, and an irritating reminder of her wayward parent. However, her father has disappeared without a word, and she has no idea how to find him. 

Reluctantly, she sets out on a road trip with a family friend, a silky voiced veterinarian with a bad case of disorganization, to Florida to hunt down the parrot’s owner and return him. Faced with constant roadblocks and some real hints of danger, they attempt to track down her father. 

Will they be in time to help save a vital piece of Florida’s legacy and her father?

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Publication Date
November 05, 2016
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