I, Parrot

by Deb Olin Unferth (Author), Elizabeth Haidle (Illustrator)

Typing up positive-thought messages for a self-help guru isn't exactly Daphne's idea of dream job. But to regain custody of her nine-year-old son, she's willing to try. A few weeks later, when that same self-help guru asks her to take care of 100 endangered parrots, Daphne is willing to try that too. What ensues is a hilarious, heartbreaking tragicomedy involving the love of her life, the landlady from hell, three house painters, a flock of passenger pigeons and a super-sized bag of mite-killing powder.

With text by acclaimed author Deb Olin Unferth and stunning illustrations by artist Elizabeth Haidle, I Parrot is not only a poignant, literary graphic novel, but also a portrait of woman who will do anything—no matter how ridiculous or revolutionary—to care for her child and find a to triumph in world where idealists and misfits rarely win.

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Publication date
November 01, 2017