Techniques of Vigilance

by Parsons,Kevin (Author)
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This is a definitive martial arts manual on the principles and methods of effective police self-defense.

Designed as a martial arts textbook, it details, clearly and concisely, the complete range of self-defense techniques for the law enforcement officer. Each chapter begins with an overview of the material to be covered, and topics range from basic philosophy to advanced close-quarter fighting.

The text is directed to one purpose: providing a curriculum of self-defense to aid the police officer in actual confrontations. Tactics originating in the martial arts of many countries are brought together, refined, and adapted for the modern law enforcement agent. Physical training, blocking, striking, and throwing techniques are included, and the results of years of study of escape, come along, and handcuffing procedures are outlined. Techniques for dealing with blunt objects, firearms, and edged weapons are discussed. The text ends with a review of the individual officer's role in crowd-control situations.

The author brings his expertise as a consultant to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. The tactics he outlines are designed to provide modern law enforcement agents with extensive specialized training.

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December 08, 2015
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