Essential Thai

de Golding,Michael (Auteur), Benjawan Jai-Ua (Auteur)
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Portable and user–friendly, this Thai dictionary, phrasebook, and language guide is the best way to start your vacation.

If you only want to purchase one Thai language book, Essential Thai is the way to go. Part of Tuttle Publishing's Essential Series, it is an excellent beginner guide to the language of Thailand, and is also designed as a phrasebook—making it the most versatile Thai language learning tool on the market.

Essential Thai presents the practical language of everyday interactions by incorporating what to say when meeting people, starting conversations, asking and replying to questions, and a basic grammar and pronunciation guide to help you get started speaking Thai the right way, right away.

In addition, language involving terms and phrases covering the latest technology, using social media, and tips on the essentials of travel—like arranging accommodations, dining out, and dealing with transportation and emergencies—is also covered in detail. Both Romanized forms, targeted towards Thai learners, and Thai script are incorporated throughout the book.

Essential Thai includes :

  • Over 1,500 essential sentences for everyday use
  • A glossary containing over 2,000 useful terms and expressions
  • A handy format for finding the information you need quickly and easily
  • Latest Thai vocabulary and phrases for smartphones, social media, and more.
  • Extensive information about Thai grammar and pronunciation.
Whether you're traveling for business, study or just for fun, Essential Thai will prepare you for conversing in Thai without having to take a full language course.

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