Karate Basics

Karate Basics

by Robin Rielly (Author)
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Are you ready to learn karate, but don't know where to begin? Are you intimidated by the unfamiliar terms of the powerful punches? With Karate Basics you'll become an expert in this martial art in no time!

With Karate Basics you'll learn:
  • The origins of karate—philosophy, history, and different branches of the martial art
  • What really happens in a karate class—invaluable tips on choosing the right school, getting ready for your first class, and basic training methods
  • The essential elements of the style—stances, blocks, thrusts and strikes, punches, and kicks
  • How to complement your karate training with sparring drills and kata
  • Effective ways to successfully progress in karate—creating a training program, testing for belt promotion, and an overview of competitions and tournaments
  • Resources that can help you further develop your knowledge of and training in karate
Whether you're considering taking up this martial art, or you've already started, Karate Basics offers an easy, yet comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know to feel confident and be successful in your practice.

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December 20, 2011
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