Aunty Pinau's Banyan Tree

Aunty Pinau's Banyan Tree

by Helen Berkey (Author), Raymond Lanterman (Illustrator)
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This multicultural children's book is a classic Hawaiian story that both children and parents will love.

A familiar sight in Hawaii is the giant banyan tree, its huge mass supported by roots growing down from the branches to the ground below. This engaging story of one such banyan tree—Aunty Pinau's Banyan Tree—begins when the Little Wind soils a clothesline full of clean laundry.

Aunty Pinau sets out to buy a "wind catcher" and, to her little nephew Jo-Jo's surprise, returns with a small banyan tree! Through the years, with Jo-Jo's faithful care the little tree grows and grows, putting out more and more roots until finally the tree forms a huge umbrella that provides welcome relief from the hot Hawaiian sun.

Within the pages of this entertaining children's story, we meet many people, each authentically reflecting some side of Hawaii's multi-racial background. We catch the real flavor of Hawaii’s countryside and learn something of the different customs and patterns of life outside the city—things little known outside the islands.

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June 10, 1970
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