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de Collins,Robert J . (Autor)

Life with Max Danger is never dull— as all readers of the first, best-selling volume of his adventures as an expatriate in Tokyo will know. Somehow he muddles his way from one baffling episode in the on-going struggle with the "Japanese economic-animal kingdom" to another. And he miraculously stays a half-step ahead in the series of events that has swept him along through the pages of the Tokyo Weekender fortnightly for past three and a half years.

"Mr. Collins is a funny writer with a knack for putting his finger exactly what it is that makes Japan bewildering, enduring, amusing inspiring, frustrating and, most of the time, captivating for many of its foreign guest."
The New York Times Review of Books

"The stories are well written, neither unfair nor unkind and the humor is just about universal. This is a book of entertainment with an underlying fondness for what laughs at"
The Japan Times

"If you are one of those people who feel inundated by the proliferation of how-to-do-business-in-Japan books, here's a chance to learn the same lessons by negative example and have belly laughs all the while"
The Asian Wall Street Journal

"Max Danger is wondrously funny, friendly book."
Mainichi Daily News

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