Toward The Unknown

Toward The Unknown

de Tri Thong Dang (Autor)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

Toward the Unknown is a series of parables about the martial–arts quest, and a meditation on the art of discipleship.

A careful reading of the text will lead teachers and practitioners of all martial arts to examine their motives, to go beyond superficial prizes and awards, to rise above a focus on fighting technique, and ultimately to transcend the known.

The stories included here chronicle the exploits of Master Lam, the greatest fighter and teacher of his time. Lam, following the example of his late master, Tai–Ahn, seeks to create an environment in which the student might be both challenged physically and enlightened spiritually. He teaches by example, following classical methodology, which focuses on moral, ethical, and spiritual growth in addition to technical competence. As the exciting and spiritually uplifting sequel to Beyond the Known, this book, through philosophy and fiction, leads the reader toward the unknown.

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15 de septiembre de 1997
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