Peaceful Places: Washington, D.C.

by Judy Colbert (Author), Denis Collins (Author)
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Native Washingtonians Judy Colbert and Denis Collins have grown up and lived amid some of the most exciting sightseeing in the country--in their own grand urban backyard. They share this knowledge in Peaceful Places: Washington, DC. Now readers can enjoy the sights without being elbow-to-elbow with visitors from around the country and the world. Their diverse peaceful "finds" unfold in 12 categories of tranquil spots: Day Trips & Overnights, Enchanting Walks, Historic Sites, Museums & Galleries, Outdoor Habitats, Parks and Gardens, Quiet Tables, Reading Rooms, Scenic Vistas, Shops & Services, Spiritual Enclaves, and Urban Surprises. Readers will find places that please the senses of smell, touch, hearing, sight, and taste.

In addition to the beautifully written site descriptions, the concise entries also include vital information such as locations for the nearest Metro stations or local parking facilities, admission charges (and any free times), and operating hours. Plus, the authors provide a "peacefulness rating" based on three criteria: always peaceful, usually quite tranquil, or peaceful during the times or seasons specified in the peaceful place entry description.

The entries are arranged three ways: alphabetically by name; by category (see all 12 listed above); and by area (keyed to the guidebook's maps). That is so readers can pick a quiet spot according to interest, mood, and location. Although most of the attractions are in the downtown, National Mall, and northwest sections of Washington, many escapes are located beyond those perimeters and on into Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland.

Peaceful Places: Washington, DC is not a coffee-table book. It's one to keep in the car, the briefcase, the backpack, or the purse. Whether the reader is a native, who has lived in D.C. long enough to be considered a native, or is a visitor with only a few hours between business meetings or a hectic tourist schedule, this book will be a treasured asset.

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April 10, 2012
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