Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary 2nd Edition: Japanese-English English-Japanese

Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary 2nd Edition: Japanese-English English-Japanese

by Samuel E. Martin (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

This is a compact and user–friendly Japanese to English dictionary.

The Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary is an updated and expanded version of Martin's Concise Japanese Dictionary, the favorite dictionary of students of Japanese for more than 30 years. A valuable reference for foreigners learning Japanese is the inclusion of declensions for common verbs at the back. The layout of the dictionary is extremely easy to use. Headwords are highlighted in color and all entries are given in Japanese script as well as their romanized equivalents. This format gives the learner a head start in mastering the important written characters of Japanese. This dictionary includes idiomatic expressions along with numerous sample sentences showing how Japanese words and expressions are correctly used in everyday contexts. A comprehensive pronunciation guide and detailed notes on Japanese grammar are also included.
  • Comprehensive and up–to–date with over 20,000 entries
  • Clear, user–friendly layout with idioms, expressions and sample sentences
  • The ideal dictionary for students, teachers and business people

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Sayaka Khan (Other contributor), Fred Perry (Other contributor)
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February 12, 2013
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