Let's Learn Hawaiian: A Word-Picture Book

Let's Learn Hawaiian: A Word-Picture Book

by Sibyl Hancock (Author), Doris Sadler (Author)
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Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! Travel through the pages of this very charming word-and-picture storybook.

The many attractively arranged illustrations will have special appeal for children. The words here are simple ones we might use everyday. There is laughter here, too—so important to keep a child's attention and help put an idea across.

But it is not only children who can benefit from this presentation, a unique arrangement of pictures and facts about Hawaii. It should be of particular interest to adults and parents, teachers in the classroom, travelers to the Islands, or those simply interested in learning something about Hawaii, its language and traditions.

Come with us to taste a fresh white niu, hear an old Hawaiian mele, or wiggle your toes in the moana. Some of the charms and flavor of the Islands are here; we hope that you will find it and want to come back to read this Hawaiian picture storybook again and again!

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June 10, 1969
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