Zen Beyond All Words

by Wolfgang Kopp (Author), Barbara (Translator)
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Zen Beyond All Words contains a selection of talks given by Zen Master Wolfgang Kopp.

In the spirit of the ancient Chinese Zen Cha'an masters, Wolfgang Kopp teaches a direct and powerful Zen Buddhism. He conveys neither a theoretical system nor a one-sided dogmatism of sitting. Rather, Master Kopp speaks directly to the reader, free of incumbencies. His sole aim is our liberation from old patterns of behavior and modes of thought, leading ultimately to the enlightenment of the Mind. He uses all means to awaken the reader out of the slumber of habit, because habit, regardless of its form, hinders us from experiencing reality directly.

Master Kopp's energy-packed words of shocking openness are filled with such spiritual power that they can strike us like a flash of lightning, shattering the logic of our conceptual thinking. On every page of this Zen. book he shows us the mirror of our true being and in it we recognize our ever-present Buddha-nature.

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May 15, 1996
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