The Everything Anti-Inflammation Diet Book

by Karlyn Grimes (Author)
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Olive oil protects your heart. Mushrooms fight free radicals. Ginger can combat rheumatoid arthritis

Why live with chronic pain when the remedy can be as simple as changing the foods you eat? Diets high in processed, fatty, and sugary foods are the main cause of chronic inflammation, which wreaks havoc on your body and contributes to heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's--and even cancer. But with this easy-to-use guide, you will learn how to modify your diet to reduce your risk of developing these serious, life-threatening conditions.

Inside, nutrition expert Karlyn Grimes shows you how to:

  • Identify inflammatory foods
  • Add inflammation-fighting foods to any diet
  • Create an anti-inflammation plan you can live with
  • Get the whole family on board
This book includes flexible meal plans, 150 delicious recipes, and time-saving shopping and preparation tips. It's all you need to create balanced meals using fresh, unprocessed foods that nurture your body and soul.

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February 18, 2011
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