Not By Chance!

Not By Chance!

de Ranko J.D. Skoric (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

The Hubble telescope captures stunning new images of our universe....Rovers comb the surface of Mars....NASA discovers an approaching asteroid threatening the Earth....As never before in history, today's society is on a quest to learn more about our place in the universe. Technological advances have allowed us to make great strides in deepening our understanding of the universe around us and our unique position in it. Drawing from his astrophysics background and work in space communications, the author of "Not By Chance!" explores a number of strange cosmic "coincidences" which enable our existence on this small terrestrial ball. Written in a popular and engaging manner, this book explores the position of our planet, the inclination of the Earth's axis, our proximity to the Moon and its size, along with a host of other factors which all point to the existence of a wise and powerful designer of the universe. This caring architect has clearly invested a great deal of effort in ensuring our survival on the planet we inhabit. There are just too many coincidences to be explained away as occurring only by chance.

It is hoped that the material presented will compel the reader to ponder these inevitable questions: Who is the designer? Why does he have such a great concern for us? How does he reveal himself to humankind?

With these and similar fundamental questions about the meaning of life and our existence, we'll enter the final portion of the book. In it we shall try to discover the identity of the creator of the universe. Are science and faith mutually exclusive, or are they perhaps complementary?

"Not By Chance!" offers a provocative read for those seeking answers about their place in the universe. Drawing on scientific and biblical evidence, it contextualizes readers' lives in the grand scheme of things and compels them to take control of their eternal destiny.

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21 février 2013
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