Now You Know Absolutely Everything

by Doug Lennox (Author), Catriona Wight (Illustrator)
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This bundle presents Doug Lennox?s popular trivia book series in its entirety. These books will provide years and years of fun, with countless questions to be asked and tons of knowledge to be learned. The books cover general trivia but also such topics as sports (baseball, hockey, football, golf, soccer, among others), Christmas and the Bible, disasters and harsh weather, royal figures, crime and criminology, important people in Canada?s history, and so much more! Along the way we find out the answers to such questions as: Why do the British drive on the left and North Americans on the right? What football team was named after a Burt Reynolds character? Who started the first forensics laboratory? Which member of the British royal family competed at the Olympics? Lennox?s exhaustive series is fun for all ages.

  • Now You Know
  • Now You Know More
  • Now You Know Almost Everything
  • Now You Know, Volume 4
  • Now You Know Big Book of Answers
  • Now You Know Christmas
  • Now You Know Big Book of Answers 2
  • Now You Know Golf
  • Now You Know Hockey
  • Now You Know Soccer
  • Now You Know Football
  • Now You Know Big Book of Sports
  • Now You Know Baseball
  • Now You Know Crime Scenes
  • Now You Know Extreme Weather
  • Now You Know Disasters
  • Now You Know Pirates
  • Now You Know Royalty
  • Now You Know Canada?s Heroes
  • Now You Know The Bible

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December 06, 2013
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