by C. J. Hillson (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Automobiles, interstate highways, shorter work weeks, longer vacations, and higher salaries have all combined to bring the seashore closer to man. Where once a visit to the shore was only a dream for many, or a once-in-a-lifetime trip for others, the varied oceanic life that has held man's interest for centuries is now just beyond the garage doors of the American family. The same curiosity that stirs the beachcombing instincts of coastal dwellers is possessed by inlanders, and now a midwesterner too can do something about that curiosity. A vacation at the shore is much within his grasp as a visit to the nearest state park. Each year more and more inland residents are taking coastal vacations. As a result beachcombing is more popular than ever, with the same old questions being repeated over and over: "What's this?" "Where do you suppose they came from?" Is that a plant or an animal?" Unfortunately, the answers in too many instances are not readily available. This book is written for the layman. It is color-coded and fully illustrated. The casual visitor of the Atlantic Coast of the United States now has an easy to use, illustrated guide for the quick identification of the marine plants along the coast.

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October 01, 1990
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