Creating Service Superstars: A manager's guide to building your team's confidence, initiative and commitment to creating a memorable customer experien

by Caroline Cooper (Author)

We know it makes us feel good when we get outstanding customer service. It invariably tempts us to spend more; it encourages us to come back a second or third time and it makes us more confident to refer that business to our family, friends or colleagues.
But even when the team have had all the right training, and they’re making all the right moves, the service can sometimes still leave us feeling cold.
It’s the experience you create for customers that gets remembered. Getting this right creates customer loyalty, reducing the strain on your marketing budget and ultimately means more profit.
So how do you create Service Superstars who have that ability to leave your customers feeling totally loyal to your business?
It takes more than just a one off training exercise to create a team who are confident to take the initiative and are committed to do what it takes to create a memorable customer experience.
In this book Caroline guides you through the all stages to developing a true service culture, so you get a maximum return on your investment in customer service training. Creating your own Service Superstars.
Getting this right can be the number one way to differentiate your business from your competition.
Don’t leave it to chance.


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January 01, 2017
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