Odd Laws

by Jenny Paschall (Author)
26 Loans, One at a time

Loopy legislation, crazy crimes and punishments – based on the TV series Beyond Belief!

In Madagascar the law forbids pregnant women to wear hats or eat eels.

In 1982, an elephant was arrested in Wisconsin on suspicion of murder.

Minnesotans may not put male and female underwear next to each other on the clothes line.

It sometimes seems that there is a law for everything these days – you never know when you could be risking arrest through some seemingly innocent act, especially when travelling abroad.

Fear no more! With 'Odd Laws', the essential handbook for law-abiding travellers, you will know: not to dance on turtles in Malaya or hunt camels in Arizona, get fish drunk in Oklahoma or wrestle an untrained bull in public in England.

Packed with amazing and side-splitting anecdotes of crime and punishment, Odd Laws proves what we all suspected, that sometimes the law really is an ass.

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Publication Date
October 20, 2016
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