Erotic Synergy

Erotic Synergy

by Diane Wright (Editor), Sasha Lewis (Editor)

Erotic Synergy was born out of the many conversations between two close friends who pondered, analyzed, revolted, desired, questioned and danced around the many ways we are erotic with ourselves and with others. As two grown females comfortable with our own sexual experience and aptitude we both were also troubled by the double standard that still very much exists about women who own and exercise their sexual freedom. We’ve encountered in our personal experiences people who enjoyed our sexual connection but then would use that against us during an argument and try to slut-shame us into our place, or just as bad, judge us silently for our sexual competence.

We strongly believe that women should be free to express their sexuality as they see fit, without apology, and have partners who support them in exploring all sides of themselves. In this collection, many of our writers decided to explore their sexuality through the lens of BDSM. In recent years the closeted world of BDSM (the common acronym for Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism) has come to mainstream media. Kink communities across the globe organize gatherings (aka munches), workshops, play parties, performances and even large conventions. There are many variations of what a BDSM relationship may look like. Perhaps the most important principle, regardless of roles and dynamics, is that BDSM play should always be consensual. BDSM/Kink is perhaps now becoming more main stream; with the popularity of social media site, educational site and even the USA's oldest university has a BDSM club. At a kink workshop at Bound in Boston, that we attended, the instructors covered the absolute importance and necessity of consent and knowledge of safety protocols at the beginning of the workshops. They would discuss ground rules that people should consider and implement before any scene begins, such as safe words, checking that the bottom (submissive partner) is not dehydrated, inquiring about any past injuries, off-limit areas of the body that shouldn’t be touched or unclothed. BDSM should not be confused with abuse, as the participants are all consenting to engage in BDSM play.

In Erotic Synergy we look primarily to highlight women’s, and also non-binary gendered people’s, perspectives of erotic engagement. We selected short stories and poems that evoke a range of different scenarios and roles that people desire, dominate, experiment with and/or to which they actively submit. Most stories depart from heternormative behaviors and beliefs to explore non-conforming ways a person can be in an erotic context. Erotic Synergy is a literary and visual playground of many secret fantasies, which only few of us have actually dared to experience.



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January 01, 2016
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