Lost Arts of the Sportsman

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The Lost Art of the Sportsman is an exhaustive reference text and a compulsively addictive narrative from the turn of the 1900s.

Francis H. Buzzacott would find little in common with the hiker and camper of contemporary times. This is the American frontiersman at his best?no-holds-barred approach to sporting. And while some of the advice and information in The Lost Art of the Sportsman has undoubtedly been replaced with the advent of new technology, what?s surprising is just how much of the book is still essential advice and knowledge for the modern hunter, fisher, and camper.

Inside, you?ll learn:
What to bring on a fishing, hunting, or camping trip
Recipes for easy campfire meals
Hunting, fishing, and trapping tips for a variety of animals
How to deal with an emergency in a remote place
Clothing choices for a variety of situations
Tips and secrets for all varieties of firearms

Faithfully reproduced exactly how it was originally printed, The Lost Art of the Sportsman comes complete with hundreds of original pieces of line drawings and artwork, a true collector?s edition for hunters, fisherman, and campers alike.

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March 06, 2013
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