The Crying Rocks

by Janet Taylor Lisle (Author)
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From Newbery Honor author Janet Taylor Lisle comes a lyrical story about one girl?s discovery of her startling past?and her search to understand her complicated present.

Joelle?s height and dark skin set her apart from everyone in Marshfield. It?s no secret that she?s adopted, but where is she from? Aunt Mary Louise says she came from Chicago on a freight train, but the story doesn?t sit right with Joelle. There?s something more. She feels it.

Carlos, the quiet boy in Joelle?s Spanish class, sees it. When he tells her that she looks like a girl in the town library?s old mural of Narragansett Indians, Joelle can?t help sneaking a look. She?s surprised by a flicker of recognition. And when Carlos tells her about the Crying Rocks, where the ghosts of Narragansett children are said to cry for their lost mothers, Joelle knows she must visit them.

When they finally set out through the forest, neither she nor Carlos anticipates the power of the ancient place, or the revelations to be found there?about the pasts they?ve both buried, and the discovery of a rare kind of courage that runs deep in Joelle?s family.

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May 16, 2017
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