Mornings After

by Tharun James Jimani (Author)

On the morning India woke up to the news of the gruesome assault on Nirbhaya, Sonya lay awake coming to terms with a nightmare of her own: if you place your safety in the hands of another, who is to blame for its consequences?
Incited by the media post mortem of Nirbhaya that followed, Sonya gives up the security of corporate life and starts a feminist webzine instead.

When a Bollywood matinee idol Â?'Bhai' to his devotees, and simply 'The Torso' to the media Â? expresses interest in promoting the launch of Sonya's publication in exchange for a little whitewashing of his latest misogynist transgression, she is faced with the age-old question of just how far can one go till the end stops justifying the means?
Thomas, her lover of a mere couple of months, suddenly burdened with contributing to food and lodging, and Sonya, unable to apply her political stand to their abusive relationship, negotiate the fluidity and chaos of contemporary urban relationships in ways both familiar and unique!

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Publication Date
September 26, 2016
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