Expert Searching in the Google Age

by Terry Ann Jankowski (Author)
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Is there a role for expert searchers the Google age?

Jankowski answers this question with a resounding yes! After a short history lesson and discussion of librarians’ roles, you will walk through the entire search cycle from the art of question negotiation to resource selection and strategy development and finish with tips for documenting the process. A quick peek into the future of searching and a stroll through tools to keep close at hand complete the book.

Examples, checklists (for interviews, resource selection, search development and more) as well as opportunities to apply the knowledge gained abound! All these elements combine to let you develop your skills as an expert searcher.

Filled with tips and tricks gathered from years of experience this conversational, practical guide can be used for self-study, reference, or as a course text.

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August 04, 2016
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