The Pact: A Mischief Erotica Collection

by Justine Elyot (Author), Rose de Fer (Author), Ashley Hind (Author), Willow Sears (Author), Lily Harlem (Author), Kathleen Tudor (Author), Heather Towne (Author), Giselle Renarde (Author)
26 loans, One at a time

Original erotica about secret agreements offering kinky satisfactions

Sexy contracts, wagers, trysts, negotiations and the arrangements between lovers that can’t be broken, featuring new stories from Justine Elyot, Lili Harlem, Willow Sears and many more.
Monogamy is too cruel a rule for Tommy and Clara…
If Claudia is to achieve her goals then strict guidance will be required from her husband…
Dean is straight, Tommy is gay, and they’re best friends who make a deal to take their friendship to a new level…

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Publication date
April 28, 2016