Simple. Natural. Healing.

by Donna LaBar (Author)
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How a daughter’s dire diagnosis led to a mom’s new focus on nutritional healing—and how you can benefit from what she’s learned.

Donna LaBar had long been interested in nutritional healing, informally advising family and friends. But it was when her twelve-year-old daughter was diagnosed with advanced acute myeloid leukemia—with two weeks to live—that all her research found a greater purpose and all she’d learned about recovering the body was put to the test.

Her daughter’s recovery changed her life—and the lives of everyone LaBar has helped since then. She has coached others with terminal diagnoses and troubling illnesses for decades, and the stories of their recoveries are captured in the pages of Simple. Natural. Healing: A Common Sense Approach to Total Health Transformation. Readers will learn:

  • How to support conventional medicine and the body for quicker recoveries
  • How to reverse inflammatory illnesses
  • Facts on the body’s pH balance and the magic of an alkaline food-based diet
  • An explanation of enzymes, digestion, and healing the gut
  • How to lose weight, gain control, and maintain a higher metabolism for life
  • Keys to reducing stress and getting sleep
  • Information on wheat, and the buzz about gluten and gliadin
  • Cures with coconut, the healthy triglycerides with ultimate healing properties
Also including charts, recipes, and loads of natural and nutritional healing alternatives, this book helps you navigate the science—and discover how to leverage the body’s ability to heal and repair itself.

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