Slow Arrow

by Anonymous (Author)

A fragmented debris of surrealism and hysteria. Written in the form of an anonymous diary, the narrator demonstrates a progression from crippling anxiety toward Buddhist awakening. Text is unconventional, manic, chaotic, tortured and relentless. Fans of Henry Miller will perhaps see some similarities. The narrator's disgust for existence seems to stain every page. Themes of Nihilism, Psychopathy, and Heraclitus add to the overall mood of delirium. Also features Essays on Nietzche, Cioran, and Plato. This book may be considered the finale to this author's "Shadow Buddha Trilogy" which includes: 1)In Grand Purple Robes of Madness 2)Spectres of Confusion and 3)Slow Arrow

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Publication date
August 26, 2019
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