Starry Skies and Fireflies

by Jenny Meyerhoff (Author), Éva Chatelain (Illustrator)
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The fifth book in the Friendship Garden series finds Anna and her friends sleeping under the stars in the garden?s first-ever urban campout!

Calling all campers! The Friendship Garden is having a summer sleepover under the stars! Get ready for: 1. Ooey, gooey s?mores 2. Toasty camp fires 3. Ghosts??

Anna is excited for an end-of-summer party with her friends, but she is NOT excited for creepy stories. Anna doesn?t like the dark?or being scared! But her buddies at the Friendship Garden want to tell ghost stories and play scary games! And Anna doesn?t want to look like a ?fraidy cat, so she decides that she?ll just skip the party instead.

Can Anna?s friends convince her that being scared is sometimes fun? Or will she miss out on the Friendship Garden?s party of the year?

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February 07, 2017
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